Privacy in a world of Artificial Intelligences

Dr. Rand Hindi

Data Scientist
Founder and CEO of Snips

Dr. Rand Hindi is a French entrepreneur and data scientist. He believes that the proper harnessing of big data will allow us to guide our lives better.

To prove this he once put on more than 70 pounds. He then tracked every aspect of his life - what he ate and drank, how long he slept, what his physical activity was - and fed the results into software that determined which behaviours were bad for him. After heeding the software's advice he lost weight - proving his theory that the proper use of data will allow us to live better and more efficiently.

Hindi started coding at the age of 10, founded his first startup at 14 and created a web development agency at 15 before starting his PhD at the age of 21. This belief in the power of big data, resulted in Hindi co-founding Snips, an app that uses Big Data in hopes of making living more efficient. The company started 2013 as a research lab in Machine Learning, focusing on building new interfaces between people and machines. As the research progressed the team realised that every new app, bot or device we use on a daily basis adds complexity to our lives. By 2025 it is expected that we will have over 100 billion connected devices, making it clear that we will soon be overwhelmed by technology. The solution that Snips offers is to create an Artificial Intelligence that, by collecting enough data about us, it can become highly personal, acting as an extension of ourselves and become ubiquitous.

Snips has now partnered with numerous organisations in France to do just that. For example, the company partnered with France's national railway to create an app that predicts up to three days in advance how crowded different trains will be. By mining such sources as weather information, historical passenger counts, and real-time check-ins from users of the app, it can advise people to stay away from particular stations or guide them to trains with more seats available.

Recently Hindi was chosen by the French government to become part of France is AI, an initiative set up to support and promote the French Artificial Intelligence ecosystem both locally and internationally, while building bridges with the other AI hubs.

Hindi has been elected as a TR35 by the MIT Technology Review, as a "30 under 30" by Forbes; received the Excellence Française award; was the founding ambassador of the Sandbox network in Paris; is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a Kairos Society fellow.

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